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* * * * * NOVEMBER * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Scorpio* Out of the blue and into the black

They give you this, but you pay for that

And once you're gone, you can never come back

When you're out of the blue and into the black.

says fellow scorpio, Neil Young, in his timely song My My Hey Hey (Out of the Blue). I know you’d prefer to stay in the blue but there’s a few things you’ll need to deal with soon that might feel like everything is going black, and it will, but the outcome will be towards the light.

Board to help you see the brilliance in all darkness: Channel Islands The Black Beauty

Sagittarius* When your mind is set on something it's hard not following through with it, isn't it Sagittarius? Go with your gut, do what you feel is right, only you can be the one to manifest and create your own path.

Board for opening more than just windows: Jive's 7'6 Opening Doors

Capricorn* The brazen concept of “office culture” was recently brought to my attention in a way that made the idea seem like a normal part of anyone’s “office” experience. While they were explaining the consenting inappropriate notions of the situation, I couldn’t help but make the comparison to “locker room” speak. Capricorn, If you were in a position where people are using “locker room/office culture” language around you, would you feel compelled to join in or would you do what is most likely the right thing, and address the incongruence properly?

Board to help you realize you can be the beginning & the end to necessary changes: Campbell Brother’s 5’10 Alpha Omega

Aquarius* I've always known about the global drinking water crisis, but as of recent, I had to take a closer look at the drinking water in the United States. Our home water source is a well and because we live on the coast and close to farms that have been around for decades upon decades, there is a high percentage of contaminants in our water (especially ones that have limited and or any regulations on them). This month Aquarius, wherever you live, try to educate yourself on the drinking water in your area and what your local, state, and federal laws do to protect you from high amounts of contaminates in your well or city drinking water. I'm sure you will be surprised.

Non profit that has accessible information on water testing by zip code: Environmental Working Group

Board that will help you get your 8 -10 a day: 9'6 Kris Hall Daily Cup

Pisces* How to be more eco aware is at the forefront of your thoughts these days and it seems like everything you do is just never enough. From composting, using biodegradable items, flushing less- if at all, purchasing second hand as much as you can, and biking everywhere. Unfortunately, in this disposable society it's hard to escape the man made pollution that surrounds us all. Don't give up and keep finding creative ways to live the low impact way you truly believe in.

Recycled foam core board by an unsustainable nut for a company name: Almond's R-Series 8'0 Joy

Aries* From Hawaii to Mexico, to Delaware and the Gold Coast of Australia, we've seen beach "renourishment" projects falsely claim what the language actually states. Not only does it consistently need to be repeated to "prevent" erosion, but it hurts marine life, drains energy and monetary sources, and more often than not, it destroys our sand bars and the flow of once amazing surf breaks. This month think about the first ever beach nourishment project in 1922 and 1923 in Coney Island, NY. Do you think there were protests during the dredging? If this was somehow staved off back then, would it not have happened so much in the future? How can you put a stop to unnecessary ideas and just let nature take its course?

Board that describes people in government/corporations who don’t believe in the climate crisis: Faktion’s The Conman

Taurus* The next couple weeks will feel like everything is slightly off or askew. It’s like someone came into your world and moved everything around just enough to make things more and more confusing. Don’t worry yourself, this will all quickly pass.

Board to go along with that awry feeling: Travis Reynold’s Caddywhompus

Cancer* There’s an uncle at my favorite east coast surf spot who has a true case of The Hypochondria. He claims to have this and that and even wears multiple pieces of support to sustain his ailments. Some of his closest friends have told me lovingly, that he’s been with these conditions for over 50 years. However, no matter what his aches and pains are he still finds his way to the surf multiple times a week, if not a couple times a day. He even has his annual surf trip to Costa Rica planned next month. Is there something that’s been preventing you from getting some surf time in, Cancer?

Board to get you back in the water: Pendoflex’s 4’11 Rubber Duckie

Gemini* Fall is such a great time for waves and food, squash in particular which is a vegetable that dates back thousands of years, thanks to the Native peoples for passing on this nutricious and delicious food. The english word squash comes from the Narragansett word askutasquash. From blue hubbard, to kabocha, to delicata, lakota, and arikata, the varieties are endless. Two things Gemini, first, do some serious appreciating of the indigenous cultures this month and always, second, get into some of those autumn swells and learn how to cook some darn good cucurbits!

Newest member of the Cucurbita family: Larry Mabile's Larmo Squash

Leo* Meditate this month. Even if you think you already do, I want you to try another way of mediation. Lay in the dark with no distractions and open yourself up to a discussion with your spirit guides. Let their words ground you, anchor you, and help you to be more present.

Board to remind you who you really are: Dash's 8'0 Happy Medium

Virgo* On November first, also known as Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day, or in Tagalog, Araw ng mga Patay, Filipino’s visit with their family and friends who’ve passed on from this dimension. They take time to tidy up their grave sites and spend all day or multiple days celebrating the lives of their loved ones. From food trucks in the cemeteries, to makeshift kitchens, karaoke, to card games, it’s a reminder that even though someone has passed from this plane you can still reunite with them. Is there someone you should take time reuniting with this month, Virgo?

The friendliest board to connect with: Hydrodynamica’s 5’1 Casper

Libra* Shed the layers of the identities you've been holding on to because they no longer resonate with you. Move slowly in your world and take time to rest and mull over what it is you truly believe in. Get in the water today and let waves pass until the one you feel most connected to comes along. Think peace and patience. Slow and Steady.

Board to remind you what to be more of: Nettleton’s Authentic

* * * * * OCTOBER * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Libra* Happy Birthday to you, Libra. You've always been very superstitious. I'd like you to challenge that a little this month and feel free to walk under ladders, open umbrellas indoors, and heck break a mirror if you feel inclined (just make sure to reuse all the pieces).

Board to bring you good luck: Sea Love's Black Cat

Scorpio* Oh October, what a time to go apple picking, tell ghost stories over hot cider, and score some delicious pumpkin ale. But of course, in between all the fun hurricane swells.

Best East Coast Pumpkin Ale: Southern Tier’s Pumking Best West Coast Pumpkin Ale: Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale Best Board for All Coasts: Jon Wegeners Paipo, The Punkin Seed 

Sagittarius* I’ve never been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe who passed early October of 1849. However, his words are just for you this month, Sagittarius.

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” 

Best Board to fly down the line with: Troy Elmore's Raven

Capricorn* Late last month we lost a lyrical legend. This month use some of his words to reflect upon the difficult things you’ve been going through lately.

 Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes.
Reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis.
Searchlight casting for faults in the clouds of delusion.
Shall we go, you and I while we can

Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?
Mirror shatters in formless reflections of matter.
Glass hand dissolving to ice petal flowers revolving.
Lady in velvet recedes in the nights of goodbye.

Shall we go, you and I while we can
Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?

Best Board for trippy experiences: Mundo’s Soul Dark Star

Aquarius* You might be spending a bit too much time trying to think up the perfect Halloween costume this year. I say, save that brain power and some funds (which you could use for a surf-cation) and go as your evil twin. Not only is it clever but it’s just so low maintenance. Something that you’ve been wanting to be better at anyway, right, Aquarius?

Best board for the Halloween line up:  Lost's Evil Twin

Pisces*  Head high, double over, close outs, ankle snappers, red, white, rosé, whatever your poison is, Pisces, feel free to indulge a little this month. You’ve certainly deserved it.

Fin to treat yourself to: Captain Fin’s Tyler Warren’s Wine 10.5

Aries* October born, Mahatma Ghandi says “It's easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone”. Apply this idea to climate change. With all the protests and social media, I need you, and more importantly the planet needs you, to be more conscious of your impact. Are you taking shorter showers? What have you been buying/consuming lately? Are you aware of composting your organic waste or learning how to grow or forage for food? It’s easy to go out and protest but the truth starts at home.

Best water person to be inspired by: Kimi Werner

Good library book for at home eco-friendly tips: Sustainable Home by Christine Liu

Taurus* Have you been spending a lot of time nursing old injuries; physical, emotion, and mental ones lately? Try taking a step back and contemplate on why they happened in the first place.

Board for the healing: Gato Heroi's 7'6 Acid Space

Cancer* Take this timely Pixies song and apply it to your many lives. That’s all.
And when the moon grows smaller Donna picks out a flower Gives her a witchy power There in the witching hour, in the witching hour Donna's taking her potion, eating all my devotion, Fucking up my emotion, in the witching hour Donna picks her a flower, in the witching hour, On the graveyard hill, she's calling out her curse I'm taking my last breath with each chapter and each verse And soon I will be killed In the poisonous forest

Donna lights up her torches Her eyes are flying saucers Her hair is black and gorgeous I see her down at the crossroads She can lead you to madness She's leading me into darkness, in the witching hour In the witching hour, in the witching hour On the graveyard hill, she's calling out her curse

I'm taking my last breath, with each chapter and each verse

And soon I will be killed On the graveyard hill, she's calling out her curse

I'm taking my last breath, with each chapter and each verse

And soon I will be killed

Board for the next life: 6'0 Christenson Surfer Rosa

Gemini* Whether you’ve been surfing before you were born or for just a few months, it’s always good to understand and humble yourself, that no matter what, especially with all things ocean related, you are always a beginner. You will always learn something new. Take some time and be open to the graces of your Aunties & Uncles who are sharing their stories with you.

Best board for humbling experiences: Clyde Beatty’s Kneeboard

Leo* Have you been day/night dreaming of past lovers and loved ones who have passed? Have these lucid dreams been making you feel closer to them? Energy doesn’t ever disappear. It expands and contracts with your own energy.  Unite yourself with these spirits and be one with them.

 Board to get more than your head into those clouds: Beau Young’s Cloudwalker

Virgo* I know your whole life you’ve had a fascination with trees, branches, twigs, logs, etc. You feel connected to that rooted aspect of nature. Maybe you were even an Ent, Groot, or the Log Lady for Halloween once or twice.  Since it’s the time of year to be thinking of a costume, what topiary like get up will you come up with this year, Virgo?

Grounding Boards for you this month: Almond's 9'6 Lumberjack and/or Two Crows Lady Log

* * * * * SEPTEMBER * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Virgo*  Do you ever think there's another mystical world out there, maybe a parallel universe? One that is trying to bring peace and balance to all cosmos? Have you ever wondered what your role is in all these lateral universes? Does it sometimes feel like you're on the verge of finding whatever that tiny sliver of magic is to help out all life in these worlds but for some reason it's just not visible to you yet? Me too Virgo, me too.

Board to help bring peace and balance to the water: Mandala's the Dark Crystal

Libra* This month make some room in your schedule to listen to grom, Greta Thunberg, speak about climate change. Really get into her perspective this year and instead of flying to that far away fantasy land surf break, stay home and focus on how to better make your community greener, cleaner, and more open to practicing eco- friendly methods. If you can’t help but make your carbon footprint bigger then at least consider donating to these non-profit organizations that are trying to help offset your emissions.

Scorpio* I’ve been having dreams of waking up to the sunrise and finding uncrowded perfect glassy peelers. I get in the water and it’s warm, clear, and just magical. I catch some of the best waves of my dream life and usually wake myself from my arms trying to sleepily paddle for another.  I wonder each morning after having that dream if I will ever find that jewel of a day in my earthly reality. Something tells me I will, Scorpio, and so will you.

Board to make dreams come true: Ashley Lloyd's 6'1 Dream Weaver

Sagittarius* Pace yourself this month, Sagittarius.  You’ll need to save some of that positive energy for what’s to come. You don’t have to be the biggest brightest star in the sky all the time.

Board for just enough glow:  Campbell Brothers 5’8 Mini Light Vehicle

Capricorn* I don't know what your spiritual belief system is and frankly I don't really care. However, You're going to need to connect more with that higher or deeper self this month to help you inform yourself on what your spiritual truth is, Capricorn. Do you believe in reincarnation? How did we all get to this planet, dimension, or wherever it is you think we are? 

Best Board no matter what you believe in: Almond's 9'4 Walks on Water 

Aquarius* Have you been freaking yourself out with unrested skeletons in your closet or shadows you think you see in the water? It’s time to clear the air on that spooky mindset of yours and free yourself from anything that may be haunting you.

Board to call on this month: Larry Mabile’s Ghostbuster

Pisces* Has anyone ever told you that you are a true diamond in the rough? Salt of the earth? A complete beauty through and through? Well you are Pisces and don't forget it.

The Board I'm pretty sure that was named for you: Firewire’s The Gem

Aries*  I was recently made aware of photographer Michael Dyrland’s epic project Hazmat Surfing. As an ocean lover and surfer I was completely destroyed on the truth of this incredible art piece. However, it also motivated me to be more focused on how I can do better and be able to share ideas with my community to reduce our consumption from damaging corporations and unsustainable practices. Just think about all the stoked groms that might not have the same privilege of playing in the ocean as we currently do.

Board that reminds you that second hand and boycott is the best way to create real change: Channel Islands 5’7 Dumpster Diver

Taurus* Your energy is soaring right now, Taurus. You’ve had time to rejuvenate yourself from all the waves this summer and now uncoincidentally, everything seems to be lining up just the way you need it to. Be sure to share this stoke with anyone that just happens to drop in on you.

Board for complete harmony: 7’0 Bing Synchronizer

Cancer* Dear Cancer, I know you usually try to be more aware of your impact on the world but you’ve kind of had a slippery few months of not sticking to your beliefs. Here’s a 1973 song by Thin Lizzy to help you out. Mama Nature said
"It's murder what you've done"
I sent you forth my brightest world
Now it's nearly gone
Birds and bees
Been telling me
You can't see
The forest for the trees
You cover up your lies
With sympathies
And I got no solutions
To your persecution
Mama Nature said
"I can't believe it's true"
I gave you life and food for thought
Look what did you do
You're killing my rivers
Drowning my baby streams
Day by day by day by day
I hear them scream
I'm so disillusioned
I'm so disillusioned
Mama Nature said
"You're guilty of this crime"
Now it's not just a matter of fact
But just a matter of time Cruel will be the vengeance
So savage is the deed that's done
And I've got no solutions
To your own pollutions

Board to get you thinking more eco-conscious:  Grain Surfboards & Ryan Lovelace’s Thick Lizzy

Gemini* Have you been feeling a little downright dirty lately, Gemini? Maybe doing a little wave hogging here and there? Only letting your best buds know it's pumping only after you've had more than a handful of waves yourself? Time to clean up that act of yours; the grime of guilt can sometimes be difficult to wash away.

Perfect board to get you all freshened up: Brother Surf Crafts 5’5 Bar of Soap

Leo* A very seasoned Uncle recently shared some sage advice about how to introduce surfing to the youngest of grommets. Yup, that’s right, Boogie/Body Boarding. The Boogie Board, created by fellow Leo, Tom Morey, has a simple yet complex shape that not only can be the introduction to a love affair with waves but even as an aging Aunty, I can’t help but laugh the entire time I’m on one. With the fall swells approaching, I suggest picking one up and boogieing down, Leo.

Most sustainable of the boogies: Tom Wegener’s Corky Boogie Board

* * * * * AUGUST * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Leo* Happy Birthday Rell! Happy Birthday Jerry! This month take a cue from these two legendary Leo’s and give love and compassion to the places that need it most.

Best board for your lion heart: Puka’s Water Lion by Chris Christenson

Virgo* Love/hate relationships are something you seem to be keen on Virgo. You love to hate something and then you hate to love another thing. Try not to be so extreme this month and seek balance in the space between love and hate. 

A nice in between board: 9'5 Tyler Warren Transition

Libra* A wise being once said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. You are the student this month Libra, humble yourself and get ready.

Best board for learning new tricks: Anderson’s Evolver

Scorpio* Neil Young's, Tell Me Why started blaring inside of my head as I was writing your August horoscope.  So this one's for you and godspeed to the sense that this will bring...

Sailing heart-ships through broken harbors Out on the waves in the night Still the searcher must ride the dark horse Racing alone in his fright Tell me why, tell me why  

Best vessel for sailing: GS4C 100% Recyclable Sailboat The Mini650

Sagittarius* I know how you are not a conformist and completely refuse to buy into our capitalistic disposable goods society. However, you really need to start treating yourself to something that you know you really need. Like those opp shop togs that are completely falling apart and are beyond your sewing repair. 

Sustainable bathers company: September.

Capricorn* We all need you to drop everything and go surf. Please. I promise the world will still keep moving even though it feels like it might fall apart if you take some time for yourself.

Board you really need to try out: Creme’s 9’6 Playdate

Aquarius* The death of fellow Aquarius, Mark Foo, was an absolute tragedy. He was well known for his big wave riding as well as his bravery and enthusiasm for the sport. The controversial idea to wear a leash or not, arose throughout the surf community after his untimely death. This month, I’d like you to think about this discourse and really know both sides of it. This practice will help you to become more open minded to many other things besides leg ropes.

Board to help you see the light: Bing’s 9’6 Beacon

Pisces* You’re going to want to ask some help from the force this month Pisces. You have a lot going on and you’re going to need some assistance to get through it. Luckily, you are deeply connected to this energy field and it awaits your call. 

Best Board to connect with the Living Force: Space Time’s Single Fin Jedi

Aries* Be on high alert this month for any kooky behaviors you might notice in the water. Even with all your catlike grace and patience I still foresee some dangerous people in your line up. 

Best board to avoid water bozos: Dead Kooks Hell Cat

Taurus* I was listening to Meek Mill’s Lean with It, the other day and the chorus really brought me back to some perfect little logular days. Then I thought, ahhh Taurus, this must be for you. Meek has gone through complete shit with America’s judicial system so it’s nice to see him try hard to make it better for all. Be a bit like Meek this month and really try to make things better for all. Here’s that hook I’m talking about, think about micro waves and locking that single fin into ‘em.

Lean wit it, Rock wit it Throw some bak up in the pot wit it Microwave or we gon pot whip it When it get right we drop that ice and make it lock wit it

Maybe not the best board for Meek Mill?: 7'0 Dash - Six Shooter 

A Taurus energy to also take inspiration from: Mr. Eddie Aikau

Cancer* Lately, your ego has been filling your mind with how amazing you are Cancer. Tis true you are a pretty wonderful creature. Just humble yourself a little bit before something else does it for you.

Podcast to help open your mind: Water People 

Gemini* I know you’ve been feeling like you’ve been sinking even deeper under water Gemini. You know, we all have to go through this in order to come back up feeling like we know what the next step is.

Board to help you enjoy the deep dark sea of your soul: Troy Elmore’s 7’2 Submarine

* * * * * JULY * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Cancer* Cheehoo! It is officially summer! Soak in that Vitamin D, bask in the morning light, and cool yourself down with all that glassy summer swell. You’ll be pulling out all those fabulous dance moves this month because of how fun it’s going to be! 

Board to dance the night away: Sharp Eye’s Disco Inferno

Leo* You’ve always been one to frequently teeter between light and dark. Try steering clear of your dark side this month and get spit through those barrels towards the light.

Best board to help you light up: Dick Brewer’s Pakalolo Model

Virgo* Truth be told Virgo you are a fiend for attention and for waves. The good, the bad, the misshapen, you’ll take it all. Why is that? This is a good time to think about balance and reflect on your all around physical, emotional, and mental health.

Board to keep you healthily in the spotlight: Uncle Don’s In the Pink

Libra* I have to admit, I’ve never seen those surf blockbuster films like Point Break and Blue Crush. I’m not really a movie buff to begin with so this horoscope might read a little strange. I’m recommending you to watch those two movies and any other mainstream surf movie this month. You’re going to need some downtime with a little bit of make-believe surf drama to nourish your soul.

Favorite 80’s surf movie: North Shore

Scorpio* How many hours do you volunteer each month Scorpio? That’s what I thought.  It’s the perfect time to give back to your community.  Are you an active member of your local Surfrider chapter or what about Clean Water Action? If you’re concerned about your lack of physical time, then how about donating to Changing Tides Foundation or your local non-profit?

Radical ocean related organizations to donate to:

Save the Waves Coalition 

Surfers Against Sewage 

Take 3 (or more) 

Surfing for Change 

Sagittarius* You will be going through a rebirth this month, Sagittarius. Exiting the tube will be like coming out of the womb for you my dear friend. You will finally realize that you can’t do it all and truly know this time, that it’s more than okay to ask for help this month or any other month for that matter.

Board to assist with all birthing needs: The Bandits 7’8 Midwife

Capricorn* It’s finally turning around for you Capricorn. The last couple weeks have been incredibly difficult, to say the least. You’ve been able to get through this messy white wash while staying kind and loving through it all. Kudos for always putting out those strong positive vibrations. 

Board of Cause & Effect: Joel Tudor’s Good Karma

Aquarius* It’s hard to feel young during these growing times,  Aquarius.  Try laying off the Tecate’s a bit this month and add more greens & all kinds of surf to your diet. I promise that will make you feel like a grom again.

Board for all ages: Fowler’s 7’4 Fountain of Youth

Pisces* It may seem like you’re running out of time, my elemental water friend. You must act now or things will fall apart or maybe stay the same forever. Either direction, time is of the essence Pisces. Although, straight up, that would only be true if time really did exist and wasn’t a ridiculous man-made construct.

A timeless board: Miller Surfboards Time Machine

Aries* It’s really difficult to say no, isn’t it Aries? From work to play you’re always saying yes and then filling your plate so high that you can no longer see it anymore and maybe even a few items are falling to the wayside. How does this make you feel? Do you prefer a neat plate that you can see everything on or one that overflows but lets you try a little bit of everything even if it’s not that good? 

Board to help you say no when you keep saying yes: Firewire’s No Brainer

Taurus* You have great instinct which might be challenged this month. Question anyone who tells you differently. Try to stay tapped into your otherworldly animalistic self. Apply how you choose waves to the choices you make on land, this will help weed out any confusion that comes your way.

Board to remind you of your true instinct: Channel Islands The Peregrine

Gemini* Ask and you shall receive Gemini. You are pulsating with manifesting energy this month and this is why we are all begging you to please conjure some waves for us, pretty please. Seriously, Please!

Board to conjure some swell: Von Sol’s Mystic 1

* * * * * JUNE * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Gemini* BOOYA! It's you're birthday Gemini! Things are looking so good for you right now that you've pretty much forgotten how shitty this past winter has been. Keep that stoke and rip on whatever board you've been thinking about adding to your quiver. 

Birthday Board: Treat yourself to the one you’ve been mulling over.

Cancer* I think I'm seeing love in your future. Actually, I've always seen love in your future. It's you Cancer that needs to see it. Let it happen, don't block the good love vibrations that have been swirling around you. Embrace them.

A true vibratory board to fall in love with: Hayden’s Love Buzz

Leo* “Am I going insane, or are you the insane one,” is a thought that's been at the forefront of your mind the past few weeks. I wish I could answer that question for you. You also know that answer depends on each and every one of the situations you've applied that thought to. The only advice I can pass on, is don't stop reflecting on that question because once you do you might not be ready to deal with the answer.

Board that's totally insane: Lost's Psycho Killer

Virgo* You've been the non-stopper for most of your life. You go for every wave and catch almost every single one. With that being said, how do you think the other people surfing next to you see you? Yeah, I know what you're thinking, who cares what they think. Go beyond the idea of caring or not caring. This reflective exercise will be helpful, I promise. 

Book to help you reflect inside and outside of the water: Sam Bleakley's Mindfulness and Surfing: Reflections for Saltwater Souls 

Libra* You do not like to be hurried, Libra. You can manage it if willing but you prefer to take your time and have a steady pace instead of a hasty one. You might encounter a challenge this month that will try to tell you otherwise. Keep reminding yourself that there is nothing wrong with slow and steady.

Best board for to find peace with: Beau Young’s Single Fin Zen Sled

Scorpio* It's time to slide into summer like you've been here the whole time. Longer days, shorter nights, having the time to watch the sunrise and the sunset from the water. Riding your last one in because you can no longer see if a wave is coming or not. Then falling asleep with the vision of the perfect wave coming. Feeling cool as a cucumber Scorpio.

Perfect Summer board: Almond's the Kookumber

Sagittarius* The only thing that will make your mind feel better right now is Jerry and Phil. Sing along to this one the next time you head to the water.

”If only I could be less blind

If only I knew what to find

Everywhere and all of the time

It's bending my mind

Confusion's Prince is at my door

The crown I wear is the one he wore

He's here to bring me down some more

And bend my mind

The friendly stranger call my name

He only wants me for his game

But it don't matter just the same

I'll bend his mind

I'll wave my flags into the sun

I've fought my wars and now they're won

And I didn't need nobody's gun

I bent their minds”

Board for a mindbender: Enjoy Handplanes Patagonia Mushroom

Capricorn* Just when you thought everything was cool, right? Then a couple kinks got thrown your way and now you are dealing with crazy people (in & out of the water), rail dings, delams, and a crowded line up. It's going to be alright Scorpio, remember it's all part of some divine plan. Breathe in, Breathe out. 

Board to get you through this: Anderson's Evolver

Aquarius* You've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to clean up your act, my dear water bearing friend. There's no use in waiting, seriously, just get to it.

Board to help remind you of a place that is also hoping for a good clean up: Travis Reynold's Ala Wai (canal) Special

Pisces* This is going to feel like the endless summer for you, Pisces. You've got a lot of great things going on that will carry you through the fall and possibly the winter too. Stay on this path and make sure all your sections connect before you paddle into anything else. 

Boards to really make this an endless summer: Robert August's 10' What I Ride and/or Hobie's Endless Summer Model 

Aries* Your smooth style and grace on land will start to translate into your water time this month. Feel the song of the ocean and let your soul take lead.

Best board for the water dancing: Al Knost's 7'6 Disco

Taurus* I know you've been feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. You feel like you need to start over and look for things that make you truly happy. Before you start searching make sure that you are mentally equipped to make the choices that resonate with you. Be sure to ask yourself What good will come of this? before you do anything.

Board to help you dial into positive choices: Gato Heroi's Operator

* * * * * MAY * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Taurus* I recently watched the remake of A Star is Born. I was pleasantly surprised at how all the dynamics of the shows and/or touring scenes (techs, bus, side stage,etc) were on point with the reality of that world. Being someone who is recently retired of over a decades worth of music industry service, it made me miss some of those aspects. Then the movie was over and I was again pleasantly surprised that those longing feelings were over too. Whatever it is in your life you are yearning for Taurus, think about where you are now and be pleasantly surprised by it.

Board that’s always full of (pleasant) surprises: Hobie’s Encore

Gemini* We all know about your two sides Gemini. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing. It should be revered to have many facets, especially if they all mean well and stay accessible to change. Reflect on all your different faces this month and let go of any that you no longer connect with.

Board or personality to trade in this month: Somma’s Evil Twin 

Fin to get your hands on: 10” Russ Pope Faces

Cancer* Have you ever woken yourself up from a deep sleep because you were laughing or crying? If so, what were you dreaming of and was it something that applied to your waking life? If this has never happened to you Cancer, I commend you for recognizing your emotions while awake. However, there is still something that you’re not dealing with. 

Best Board to figure out what that is: Bob McTavish’s 9’3 Involvement

Leo* Tides are caused by slight variations in gravitational attraction between the Earth, Moon,  and Sun, in geometric relationship with different locations on the Earth's surface. Have you been feeling a magnetic pull in a few different directions, Leo? Do you believe that you need to exist in this three way relationship that doesn’t function as well as our universe’s planetary one? 

Board that you wish you were: Jeff Bushman’s 9’6 The Love Machine

Virgo* Messier 87 also known as Virgo A or M87, is the galaxy where scientists captured a photo of a super massive black hole. It’s apparently bigger than our entire solar system! I know, seems totally insane, right? How is it possible that we’ve been able to have a photo shoot with something so dynamically paradoxical? Well, after this, I guess anything is possible. Don’t you think?

A true celestial object: Gary Hanel's Astro Egg

Libra* Have you been feeling like someone’s watching you? That they’ve been stalking you in the night? That maybe they want to drink your blood? Maybe lay off the dank nugz this month to see where it takes you. Maybe. 

Best Board to inspire a break from the weed: NoTox’s 6’2 Vampire

Scorpio* So I’m really stoked that you’ve been working hard on this laid back approach. Keep it up and definitely keep applying it to your surfing. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you later.

Board to keep your inner search cruising: Jim Phillips’ Soul Creation

Sagittarius* You are complex Sagittarius, not complicated. There is a big difference between those two words. Complicated can be difficult but has many addressable elements. Complex involves unknowns and interrelated variables which can’t be reduced to prudent processes. Which I believe is much more interesting and evident. Try not to be so hard on yourself this month. Just cruise into the summer like…

 A board as complex as you: Michel Junod’s 10’ Easy Rider

Capricorn* The NE / ENE trade winds in Hawaii have been a steady presence in island weather. However, for many years, these winds have been coming from a more Easterly direction which has decreased the amount of rainfall throughout the islands. This of course will have a dramatic effect on Hawaii and it’s growing population which depends on this diminishing resource. Do you think global warming is the cause for this type of change? If so, start working on creating more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle changes. You might think, how is one person going to make a difference, well it has to start somewhere and maybe you can start sharing these newfound ideas with the people around you.

Board for sustainable transitions: Rob Machado’s Pops, made with Bio Resin

Aquarius*  In Freudian psychoanalysis, the pleasure principle is the driving force guiding the id. In Janet Jackson’s song, Pleasure Principle, Monte Moir, also known as the keyboardist for Prince’s band, The Time, is the main force behind it, seeing as he wrote that hit. Aquarius, it’s time for you to reflect on all your driving forces, is there someone or something that is guiding your everyday movements?

Board of Non-Duality: Pyzel’s Shadow

Pisces* What is up with your lethargy this month? Did that cold water finally get to you? Can you really hold out until June? C’mon, it’s just now warming up. Hmm, you know what you need? Next time you give the barista your reusable plastic free container, ask them to step up that single to a double. That should hopefully do the trick for you.

 Board to wake you up: Kris Hall’s 5’10 Double Shot Espresso

Aries* Colton’s famous quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” can be easily applied to Bob Smith and George Greenough’s edge board. This innovative design made way for many shapers to evolve it into something extra unique, which for all the participants, is undoubtedly a true work of art and passion. Aries, what is your truth and passion that you can share with others, that will continue to amplify a community?

Edge Board of Choice: Furrow’s Edge Board

* * * * * APRIL * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Aries* I know you’ve been thinking about those early years of uncrowded breaks, cleaner waters, and LSD. Well you can reach those fond memories without having to take any trips. Finding that nice vintage single fin with 50/50 rails will do you just right.

Board to Awaken your senses: Dave Parmenter’s Straight Single Fin

Taurus* It's an understatement to say that most surfers dream of getting barreled at Ehukai Beach Park. Not only do you need to be physically ready but you must also be mentally prepared to even think about paddling out there. Try digging deeper this month to work on your mindset so you can start turning those pipe dreams into realities. 

Best Board for the Bonzai :  I'm sure you already know, Gerry's Pipeliner

Gemini*  Hearing the waves break can be the oceans sweet sweet song. I've been picking up that you've been wanting to put down some music of your own. What's holding you back? You've got the rhythm beaming out of you.

Best board to help you trim some tracks: Danny Hess’ Banjo

Cancer* The past year has felt like a whirlwind of paranoid states for you Cancer. Why is this happening to me, How is this happening to me, and Who are the ones that are making these things happen? We are already 4 months into 2019, I want you to rid yourself of overwhelming and unproductive thoughts. It's time for you to embrace pronoia, these things are happening because those conspiring behind the dimensional blinders want all the best for you. 

Boards to understand Pronoia: Thomas Surfboards 9'6 Keeper & Almonds Secret Menu

Leo* Did you hear about the person in Texas that didn't know they had 45 rattlesnakes living underneath their home? The company that removed the lovely creatures, reminded the public that "rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind of car you drive- they care simply about survival." Leo, take this serpent path and do what you need to survive this month. It's going to be a hard one and if packing up your things, leaving your job, and going underground will keep you above water, then so be it.

Survival Mode Board: Deadkooks Rattlesnake

Virgo* I've heard the force being described as "an energy field created by all living things". To really understand that idea you would have to know that we are truly and undoubtedly all connected. You and I, Us to the ocean, The ocean to the land, the land to the sky, and so on. We together as one, potentially the force, can create anything knowing and unknowingly. With that thought in mind Virgo, open yourself up to that energy field and see where it takes you.

Board for a Jedi:  Travis Reynolds' Obi Wan Kenobi

Libra* As water people I like to think that patience is up there with things we are working on once we walk into the unpredictable movements of any body of water. The next few months will be all about patience Libra, slow and steady, like a sapling into a blossoming tree.   

Board to help you blossom: Grain's The Leaf Paipo

Scorpio*  Ah yes, trying something new here I see. Wanting to change your charging mindset into a soul surfing, high on life, peaceful mentality. Well, thank goddess you finally came to your senses.

Best  Board to Keep You High:  Kookbox's 10' Philly Blunt

Sagittarius* I drove to check the surf this morning & instead of putting on my favorite Dead album to get me stoked, I decided to flick on the radio. Steve Miller's Fly like an Eagle was on & normally I would of switched the station but instead I chose to get into it. I'm glad I did, do you know the lyrics to this song? I'm sure I've heard this song since birth but I hadn't given it the time and thought that it is asking the listener to give. The part I'm reflecting on is clearly beyond the chorus and if you're not sure what it is; well here you go... Feed the babies, Who don't have enough to eat Shoe the children,  With no shoes on their feet House the people, Livin' in the street Oh, oh, there's a solution

A couple boards to help glide you into thoughts about the Future:  6'4 Liddle Design Flexy Flyer or an 11’ Josh Hall Eagle

ps. Sagittarius, or not, Let's all think about a solution. 

Capricorn* “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, says  fellow Capricorn, Muhammed Ali. Apply the first part of that quote into all those head high, glassy conditions you'll be getting into this month.Then try not to think about how the second part of that quote is what the 38/40 degree water feels like on your face.

Board to get you through those sharp stings: 5'6 Campbell Brothers Bumblebee

Aquarius* Bagels seem to get a bad rap with how much they lack in fiber and how carb heavy they can be. Carbohydrates quickly digest into sugars and instead of having a nice fullness that will last, we usually end up craving something else. Try to think of things in your life that are like bagels, Aquarius. If something doesn't satisfy your entire being as a whole then start trying things that will.

Bagel Lover’s Board Ashley Lloyd’s Everything 

Pisces* You'll be searching for signs and messages this month, Pisces. But not even the best psychic, astrologer, nor a vivid dream will give you the advice you are looking for. I suggest seeking out the unusual places for inspiration or guidance. You might hear a fascinating conversation whilst paddling out at a new break or maybe keep your eyes peeled when you take your dog (or cat) on a walk.

Most Divine board: 4'10 Almond Sea Kitten

* * * * * MARCH * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Pisces * I'm not one for playing favorites but this month the stars definitely are and lucky you, you're the teachers pet! Is it because you were born around this time of year or maybe it's because you're just so darn fun loving and goofy??? Take this time to bask in all the goodness around you while still getting all those important things marked off your to do list. 

Super fun board for them goofy footers:   Hydrodynamica’s The Ekstrom

 Aries * Last year Hawaii passed a bill to ban all suncreens that have toxic ingredients that destroy the coral reefs and the overall health of our oceans. Now if we can only get our federal government to follow suit and ban waste water outfalls, sewage dumping, pesticide filled agricultural runoff, and unsustainable fishing practices, we might actually have a better future for all life on this planet. With all that being said, utilize those ideas and consume less, waste less, and be conscious of what could end up in our waterways. But for real this time.

Board name you hope doesn’t come true: Yater’s 9’6 Apocalypse

Thoughtful sunscreen among many other small business/reef safe sun protectants: Avasol Surfer’s Barrier Stick

Taurus * Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away is the chorus in Enya’s Orinoco Flow. In that same ballad she also sings Carry me on the waves to the lands I’ve never seen. Take her words and make them your own this month Capricorn. Plan a surf getaway to somewhere you’ve never been to, how about somewhere in South America where the Orinoco runs through?

Board for new adventures:   Martin Shapes Econoline

Gemini * Let the light in is your mantra this month. You've been foiling with that inner darkness for a bit too long and it's time to move it on out.

Something to contemplate about: The Hydrofoil / Surf Foil

Cancer * Rainbows are a meteorological phenomenon that are caused by reflection, refraction, and the dispersion of light in water droplets that result in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. Make yourself like a rainbow this month Cancer, reflect, refract, and disperse so all can see your beautiful shining light.

Board to remember your monthly (lifetime) mission: Gary MacNabb’s Rainbow Buddah

 Leo *  Have you ever tried to exercise parts of the brain that we know absolutely nothing about? Y’know, those muscles that have lain dormant after generations of either misuse or no use at all.  The ones that can help us with sonar communication or psychic connections. Take this month or however long you need to awaken those nerves and sensors in those mysterious crevices inside of our skull. 

Best board for Awakenings: Pyzel’s Next Step

Virgo *  Tsk Tsk Virgo, Tsk Tsk. That naughty thinking of yours can do some serious damage. Don't let that id voice make it's way to the surface and destroy all those bottom turns to high lines you've worked so hard at.

Board to stay in the High Line: Tyler's Triple Seven

Libra * What do you think about all these wave pools and surf ranches popping up? Is this the wave of the future? Are we playing Kanaloa, Tangaroa, or maybe the nine daughters of  Ægir and Rán? Or are we simply trying to build a controlled environment for which we can play in and not have to work so hard on taking care of the original unpredictable playground for surf. These types of questions and ideas will be in your consciousness this month. Don't try to quiet or shush it out. Embrace this style of thinking and apply it to your daily routines to see where it may take you.

Must read surf book : Surf is where you find it, Gerry Lopez

 Scorpio * The type of fin and it's placement is something that can change the feel of your surfing dynamically. It's important for you this month to try new things, subtle things, like moving that fin further back or maybe going single for a while. Whatever it may be, embrace and apply those new feelings in everything you do this month.

Favorite Fin for new expressions: Salty Merchants, Lady Violet Aura

Sagittarius * When someone tells you to jump, you most likely ask why, instead of saying how high. When someone tells you to do anything Sagittarius, you usually question it's pursuit as opposed to just doing what you are told. Your natural response has been a platform to your approach to thinking outside the box. This month take your surfing outside the (fin)box and be free from any drag created by others around you.

Super fun finless board: Tom Wegener's Finless Corky

Capricorn * If variety is the spice of life then you can never have too many boards in your quiver. This is the perfect time to do the used board search to repair and transform what was once someones favorite ride and make it your own. 

Places to look for used boards:  We all know the usual suspects but also try calling your local shaper and see if they have any second hand boards or know of anyone selling any. Pro trade-in’s can be some of the best deals around. 

Aquarius * Duck diving and Turtle rolls are a couple tried and true ways to help you paddle through breaking waves.  Are there any energetic maneuvers similar to the duck dive/turtle roll that you practice on land when things are breaking right in front of you? If so, what are they and how can you fine tune them?

Best board through those compromising situations:  Nettleton's Fluent

* * * * * F E B R U A R Y * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Aquarius * Those thoughts of how to be more environmentally conscious are all in your radar this year,  Aquarius.  Now’s the time to start planning your garden, commuting via bicycle, and completely cutting out single use plastics. 

Sustainable Board of Choice:  Any board that is either used, upcycled, or for trade. Your local surf shop, craigslist, and other places to buy used boards make it a fun challenge to find something that is already in existence.  Purchasing second hand prevents non biodegradable materials from accumulating on our planet.

Pisces * You may feel a little too salty this month, with the recent full moon in Leo stirring things up.  Stay true to the positive intentions you’ve set for yourself and don’t try to talk yourself out of them, I promise you’ll feel better in no time. 

Board to sweeten that salty:  Uncle Don’s 9’4 Model T

Aries * You could use the term interspace to refer to the place between space & time, life & death, tubes & the nasal passage, dreaming & being awake,  If you could come up with a better, more descriptive word, what would it be? Let the word you choose be the essence of your existence this month.

Board for those in betweens:  Tyler Warren’s 9’9 Future Log

Taurus * You haven’t been able to put your foot down and make a solid decision in quite some time, the next few weeks might be a little slippery for you. Make more of an effort to choose which direction to go in and create some traction in your life during the coming months.

Something to prevent the slipping:  Watch this well done DIY wax making video

Gemini * There was a moment in time where I would write a haiku a day about surfing/the ocean/the environment. Here is one for you this month, Gemini. Let these words inspire you to be more creative with all those imaginative thoughts you have.

I slide into you crystal clear warm wet freedom grab rail exhale love 

Board to get those creative juices flowing: Gato Heroi’s 8’10 Acid

Cancer * A wise elder shaper once told me that they see the foamy white wash as the champagne of the ocean.  Get into it and make a toast to yourself for all the hard work you put in this past year.

Board for the Bubbly:  Tom Wegener’s Surfie 

Leo * It would be very wise of you to admit to things you may not know. You will open a channel of deep honesty within yourself and others around you.

Best Board for the Channeling:  Mandala’s The Oracle

Virgo * With that love holiday coming up in the second week of this month you may feel the need to get down on that tibia for the special someone in your life. The stars are all for it, love is all you need, Virgo, love is all you need.

Best Board to Drop Knee:   Bing’s 10’ Lovebird

Libra * Ever wonder what it would be like to cut the tail off of that old longboard you've been holding onto forever? Hmmm, what to do during the next flat spell… I think I see a homemade mid length in your future, Libra.

Best place for all things shaping:  Green Light Surf Supplies

Scorpio * With water being your natural element you tend to paddle back and forth between your imaginations and your many realities. Try something more steady this month.

Surf craft to try if you haven’t already:    Your very own body & DaFin Bodysurfing Fins 

Sagittarius * Mark your calendar, the vernal equinox is only 40 some days away and when you get back from your much needed surfcation, Spring will be even closer.

Almost Spring Fling used board find:   Furrow’s 8’6 Labryinth

Capricorn * Don’t be afraid to ask for help this month, strong horned Capricorn. Even though you think it’s quite comical and are maybe a bit embarrassed to be in over your head, an unforeseen someone will come straight out of the line up for you. 

Best Board for in Over”your”head conditions:  Lost’s Voodoo Child

* * * * * J A N U A R Y * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Capricorn * Happy Birthday you kook. Yeah yeah, I don’t like using that word either but this month and guess what, this entire year too, you’ll be kookin your days wild and having a lot of darn fun at it. Just make sure to check yourself and reflect this month after each kooktastrophy.

What to bring back to the line up? That once waterlogged Yater Spoon your super rad mom used to cruise on in the 60’s.

Aquarius * Don’t think you get off easy, I know you snickered at Capricorn’s starage but you’re also in for a treat. Early 2019 will be an interesting time for you. You may think you know all there is about the water since you’re a natural fish but don’t forget that it’s much more powerful and knowing. Every bit of life needs it to survive.

What to say goodbye to in your quiver? That quad fish you love but haven’t used in who knows how long. Pass it off to a grommy who’s life will change forever from that micro wave of kindness.

Pisces * Sensitive, Sweet Loving Pisces. Step it up a notch this month and make sure to smile and talk story with everyone in the water and perhaps on land too. Those interactions will be much needed more than every person involved will know.

Board of Choice this month and possibly a lifetime: Troy Elmore’s Single fin egg

Aries * Still trying to figure out what direction to go in? Whether in the water or on land you still ask yourself that question. Well y’know how when you always go the same direction in the water it’s comfortable and easy. Switch it up this month and work on that backside. Get uncomfortable for once. You can thank me in February.

Best board for your backside: 8’0 Mini Rod Laguna

Taurus * Thank you for being so laid back. Put that calm, peaceful energy in full gear this month. With all the overwhelming but very exciting news coming your way you’ll want to keep that pace strong. Make sure to get in the water as much as possible to help you cope with it all.

Smooth & Steady: 9’10 Tudor Santana

Gemini * Focus. You’ve got this.

Board to sell: Unfortunately, You’re going to need some extra funds so that soft top you thought would be a good idea to have but then realized how shitty they are for the environment. Sell that please and tell the person who buys it to sell it too.

Cancer * With all the hard work you’ve put in I promise it will finally all come to fruition. I know it seems so daunting but stay positive and loving for the next few weeks and you’ll see it making sense.

Board of Choice: Finley Model Alaia; stand up or prone, it will be nice to have the options this month.

Leo * I thought about leaving this blank since the stars are on your side this month, Leo. Hang loose and enjoy the no drama and everything going your way feeling in the beginning of this year. Stay tuned for the spring when you’ll need to master that switch stance.

Best board for the cruising: 7’10 Almond Joy

Virgo * Those psychic onshore winds will be a blowing for the next month and making everything seem turbulent and messy. Why not stay productive and connected by going through your quiver and fixing all the dingage you’ve let go during all those sick Autumn swells.

Board to fix first: 5’8 Liddle Burrito

Libra * Deep down in the depths of your mind you already know, Listen to that intuitive voice and make all your decisions based on what you hear on the inside. Your sacred voice is what will keep you afloat.

Best Board for Buoyancy: Grain’s The Drifter

Scorpio * There are many celestial beings out there. It’s possible that you are really feeling that about yourself right now. Have some humility and cut away any ego that might be telling you otherwise.

Best board for the trimming: 7’2 Russ Short Bonzer

Sagittarius * Stop worrying about the dough and start planning that surf trip this month. Winter is coming.

Board for this month: Two Crows Yardstick

Board for your surf adventure: Ashley Lloyd’s Gordon’s Egg