Holistic Wellness introduces you to a supportive space for learning about and accessing  a variety of complimentary and alternative approaches to alleviate every day stress, anxiety, grief, traumas, sadness, apathy, and more. With the knowledge and understanding on how to help and heal yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically, Together we can come to find what resonates with you most.

Each consultation starts with mutually appreciating what you are looking to heal, recognize, or change. We work towards discovering the roots of these behaviors or discomforts and then create a plan on how to address them. I inform my clients on the methods I specialize in as well as a variety of practitioners in other areas such as acupuncture, massage, shiatsu, yoga, soul retrieval, meditation, and more. From there, we decide what path fits you best and when to begin.

For more information, appointments, & rates please email crystal.stokowski@gmail.com or call 302.703.7124

The following services I practice and offer by the hour on a sliding scale basis.

 Therapeutic Art is a practice I've been actively seeking out my whole life without even realizing the depth of it's healing until recently. I believe that when you are creative in any capacity, you open yourself up to retrieving parts of yourself that might have been lost or fractured through trauma or hardship. With this method we will explore different creative mediums to help you reflect and restore those aspects of yourself through making art and crafts.

Intuitive Guidance and Development is a practice that works to remind you of the knowledge that has been inside of you your entire life.  I will help connect you with that inner voice and feeling so together we can develop different methods on strengthening and understanding that deeper consciousness that has been existing within you. 

Energy Work or Reiki is a healing technique that helps to restore your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic being by way of light touch, breath work, grounding, and energy channeling. 

Herbalism is the belief and understanding that the earth has provided plants as medicine or healing.  I offer organically grown smudge, teas, tinctures, salves, & mists. I also customize formulas and procure all the herbs that I use and provide. 

Eco Healing  or ecology healing helps to weave your energy back into the wilderness and give perspective through nature. Going for a hike or walk in the woods, swimming or stand up paddling in the ocean, or just being outside laying in the grass. All of those activities help to mend any wiry feelings, soothe anxieties, and help with grieving. I will facilitate depending on your needs, what activities will be beneficial to your restoration.

When we listen to our inner voice we are capable of anything.